There’s always so much fanfare over becoming a new mom, but we shouldn’t forget about the dads. Help Dad settle into his new parenthood role by creating a Daddy Survival Kit. Hint: It’s also a perfect Father’s Day gift for the new dad or dad-to-be. Make it practical, sentimental and fun with these entertaining ideas that will have him ready for baby. We’ve got your backs (and supplies) dads!

Diaper Duty Kit

Photo: Goat and Lulu

Begin with the Basics

Get Dad prepped for diaper-changing duty with a portable changing pad, diaper cream and lots of wipes and diapers. Ditch the flowers and frills and look for a pad with bold patterns and colors. Daddy will be a pro-changer in no time!

Make Him Laugh

Any new parent knows that a baby’s bottom doesn’t exactly smell like roses. Keep daddy laughing through the biggest diaper blowouts with a few humorous accessories – rubber gloves, a surgical mask, tongs and a drop sheet. They’re inexpensive and fun items to round out the diaper supplies in your Daddy Survival Kit.

Daddy outfit

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Playing Dress Up

Nothing says “I love daddy” quite like an adorable infant outfit. Pick a onesie with a cute father-related saying splashed across the front or buy a pint-sized jersey of his favorite sports team. Baby and Daddy can have some quality time bonding — or napping — over the game.

Silence is Golden

Every new parent needs the occasional break. A brand-new pair of headphones will allow daddy to tune it all out for a little bit. He’ll be able to watch a movie or blast the music without waking up his little bundle of joy. When he pulls off those headphones, he’ll be rejuvenated and ready to hear those sweet baby coos once more.

Daddy and Baby Reading

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Read Between the Lines

Continue to foster daddy and baby time by including picture books and board books with him in mind. Kisses for Daddy by Frances Watts and David Legge, Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz, or I Love My Daddy Because… by Laurel Porter-Gaylord are just a few of the titles that are sure to become favorites.

2503962687_790f10c75c_z (2)

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Smell the Coffee

Sleep deprivation is a reality for any new father. Help him stay awake by stocking up the Daddy Survival Kit with lots and lots of his favorite caffeinated beverage. He’ll be making it by the gallons! Keep it flowing by adding a gift card to a nearby coffeehouse that’s close and convenient so he can get a cup on the go too.

Cup of Joe

With all those beverages, Dad will need something to gulp it from. It doesn’t matter if the mug says “Number 1 Dad” or “Super Dad,” so long as the newly crowed dad in your life can proudly show off his fatherhood status.

Emergency Chocolate

Photo: Dennis M via Flickr

Chocolate Treat

Add a special piece of chocolate to your Daddy Survival Kit. Label it “In Case of Emergency, Give to Mommy.” This ace up daddy’s sleeve will make him the hero in any trying situation and might even garner a laugh.

A Bite to Eat

A man can’t live on caffeine alone, so be sure to include a nice selection of snacks. Make it salty or sweet, or some of each, for those times when making a meal is too daunting a task. A quick and easy snack will keep him fueled up for helping out with all those middle of the night feedings.

Daddy Survival Kit Bucket

Photo: Simply Made with Love

Wrap it Up

Forget about the baskets and ribbons for wrapping up all the wonderful gifts in your Daddy Survival Kit. Arrange the goodies in a sturdy plastic bucket, a wide tin bucket, or a laundry basket, all containers he’ll be able to use around the house or yard after he’s enjoyed the gifts in his kit.

What would you include in your Daddy Survival Kit? We’d love to read your ideas in a comment.


–Katie L. Carroll