Pregnant mamas-to-be have a tendency to run warm even when the temperatures are cool, thanks to all that extra blood flowing. It’s not just you! So, when the mercury rises during summer months, you’ve got to pull out all the stops to try and regulate your internal thermostat. Here are some tried and true tips on how to survive the last few months of pregnancy when the forecast calls for hazy, hot and humid days.

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1. Go Swimming
Get ready to make a splash! Whether you’re at the beach, a community pool or someone’s backyard, tracking down a body of water is definitely a must do. Jumping in some cool water quickly brings your body temperature down and helps regulate your internal thermostat even when you’re back on land. Floating or swimming also helps with any sciatic pain you may be experiencing due to the extra pressure on your back.

2. Lay off the Salt
Reducing your sodium intake is an easy way to help ease inflammation and swelling during summer months. Instead of salting your food, try adding more flavor with herbs and spices. Be sure not to eliminate salt completely, iodine is essential for your baby’s health.

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3. Hydrate
Drinking 8 ounces a water a day is good for everyone, but during pregnancy it’s even more important to stay hydrated. The benefits include everything from helping with digestion to battling fatigue and joint pain. If another glass of H2O sounds like a bore, try adding some flavor to it. Anything from citrus slices to watermelon or mint will jazz up your everyday drink and make you crave more. Experts say, water infused with cucumber or lemon may even help with swelling. Looking for more flavored-water inspiration? Hop over to Song of Style. You’ll be chug-a-lugging in no time.

4. Take a Nap
Catching extra Z’s when pregnant is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself, especially when the summer heat drains your energy. If you’re having any trouble sleeping, (you know, because of that basketball sized baby you have growing inside of you!) try snuggling up to a body pillows.

5. Go Ring Free
It’s inevitable that you’ll experience some swelling during your pregnancy and the last thing you want to worry about is getting your rings off. So be proactive and go jewelry free before trouble strikes.


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6. Catch a Summer Blockbuster
Tired of cranking (and paying for) the AC at home? Stroll into a cool 74 degree movie theater and kick your feet up. The extra bonus … this year’s summer blockbuster may be the last non-animated film you see for a while. Enjoy it!

7. Pick the Right Shoe
Flip-flops often seem like a no-brainer during the summer, but when you’re pregnant your arches take quite a beating. Swap flip-flops for sandals with plenty of cushioning and arch support, or go for a comfy sneaker. Your tootsies will thank you.


Photo: Eat Live Run

8. Have a Smoothie
You’re constantly worried about making sure you and  your baby have enough nutrients, but you’re not always craving a big heavy meal during the height of the summer heat. Try a delicious smoothie instead. It’s no surprise that green smoothies have hit their stride in the health and nutrition world. They’re super nutritious, tasty and generally very easy to prepare. Make summer days a breeze with this delicious pregnancy smoothie from Eat Live Run.

9. Rise and Shine Earlier
The early bird gets the worm! Mid-day heat is always the most intense, so try running your errands or squeezing in a work-out earlier in the day. You’ll have more energy and thank yourself when you’re kicking back in the afternoon.

  Hatch Collection Photo credit: Hatch Collection

10. Wear Lightweight Breathable Clothing
We get that dressing the bump isn’t always easy, especially when you want to stay cool and still look stylish. Always opt for light-colored clothing in breathable fabrics. Hatch Collection has great summer pieces that even your non-pregnant friends will want to borrow!

11. Use a Higher SPF
Did you know pregnant skin tends to be more prone to burning and blotching? That’s why is more important than ever to load up on your SPF and try to avoid being out too long in any direct sunlight.

12. Put Your Feet Up
Take a load off! Summer heat plus pregnancy often equals swollen feet. Before you start begging for the Polar Vortex to come back, try elevating them. Whether at the office or at home try to put your feet up whenever possible.

Do you have any tips for surviving pregnancy when the temps start rising? We’d love to hear them!

-Aimee Della Bitta