LolyPod™ LLC

LolyPod™ is a patented, ergonomic infant station created by a renowned Spine Surgeon and designed to promote healthy development during a baby’s delicate stages of growth.  Our innovative design incorporates a simple sitting device that allows for the development of trunk and head control, with many additional features and benefits for the convenience of parents.  LolyPod™ is designed to fit most infants from 2 to 14 months, depending upon the baby’s length and weight and includes the following, proprietary features:

1. Constructed from a single piece of soft, flexible, non-toxic memory foam.

2.  Low center of gravity and a triangular shape to prevent tipping.

3.  High back for head support for smaller babies.

4.  Built in ergonomic lumbar support promote healthy spinal and skeletal development.

6.  Open leg design to encourage full range of motion and prevent restriction of the hips and pelvis.

7.  Large cup holder, built into the seat body to accommodate any size bottle or cup, within baby’s reach to encourage self-reliance and assist with eye, hand and arm coordination development.

9.  Included educational toy, placed within baby’s reach to encourage physical activity and help stimulate motor skills.

10.  Adjustable safety harness that secures the infant.


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