Fashion and pregnancy can be a tough mix. Whether you’re trying to stick to a budget, working with hand-me-downs from friends or just feeling frumpy in your new shape, leaving your maternity style in the hands of a subscription box service may be more fun and fashionable, too. And, often, the clothes you get will perk up your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of new. Here are a few of the boxes currently available for expecting moms.


Le Tote Maternity

Le Tote does “fashion rental for everyday style,” and anyone can go back and forth from the “classic” to “maternity” versions of the service. Fill out a style profile, and then a stylist chooses clothes and accessories for you. The kicker is that you can say “yea” or “nay” to these items before they’re ever sent. We all have our individual taste, after all. Payment is for membership, not per item. Keep anything you like.

What you get: Maternity clothing items and accessories.
How it works: Get a “tote” with clothes and accessories based on your current needs and fashion preferences. When you’re ready to change it up, return the whole tote and get a new one.
Best for: Women who need a little office wear and a little weekend wear.
Cost: Subscriptions start at $49/month for 2 pieces of apparel and one piece of jewelry.


Borrow for Your Bump

Borrow for Your Bump has two services: formal gown rental, and a subscription box service. With the subscription box service, when you’re done with one item, send it back and you can get something new. After lots of expecting moms asked for basics like workout clothes and leggings, the company made those available for purchase separately, too. After your baby is born, your regular clothes may still not fit for a while. Borrow for Your Bump also offers clothes that fit postpartum and are especially great for nursing moms.

What you get: Four pieces for $99.
How it works: Get a box with four items, and send them back (one at a time, or more) at your convenience, and get more items to replace them.
Best for: Winter coats, professional wear, and denim.
Cost: $99 for initial box, with free shipping.


Stitch Fix

Whether you’re pregnant or not, Stitch Fix can get you out of a style rut. You fill out a profile about your style preference, price requirements and measurements and a stylist will hand pick outfits and pieces to deliver to your door. The company recently added a “due date” option in the questionnaire and is offering maternity clothing, too.

What you get: 5 hand-selected pieces per delivery
How it works: Keep what you like, send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways.
Best for: Moms-to-be that are feeling hopelessly style-less now that they’re pregnant.
Cost: $20 styling fee per delivery, then pay only for what you keep. Pieces are around $55 each on average.


Bella Gravida

Whether you need just one new item at a time to jazz up your business casual rotation, or you’re looking for a wider range of options, you can shop Bella Gravida’s site for maternity dresses, tops and bottoms. Choose from getting one to seven garments at a time, at a monthly membership fee. Return items when done, or once your bump has outgrown them, in a pre-paid envelope, and then get what you have picked out next.

What you get: From one to seven garments at a time.
How it works: Fill your “closet” by shopping the website. When you’re done with something, send it back, and you’ll get the next item(s) on your list.
Best for: Nursing moms, sizes up to 3x. (Though any pregnant mama can find items here, too.)
Cost: $39/month for one style, up to $119/month for seven pieces.


La Belle Bump

Clients get higher-end clothes that they actually like (yay!) but without the investment of buying. Popular items include all kinds of cute dresses, like the one pictured above. Customers also like getting stylish outfits that aren’t the “cookie cutter” looks that you see everywhere else. Average retail cost of these items is $100-150, so you get value over buying.

What you get: 3 or 5 maternity items at a time.
How it works: Fill out a style questionnaire, and get items delivered to you. When you send something back (because you don’t like it, or you’re just ready for something new), you’ll get the same number of new items. Clothes available in maternity 0-14.
Best for: Formal wear, working women, stylish mamas, unique dresses.
Cost: $59/month for 3 items, $99/month for 5 items. Free shipping.


Mine for Nine

Shop online for your favorite maternity items, and then return them when you’re done. That’s it! You’ll get just the looks you want for a fraction of the price of new, and you won’t need to worry about what to do with these clothes after baby is born. You can also get a second size sent for a small fee, in case you’re not sure which to get.

What you get: You choose what you borrow a la carte: dresses, tops, bottoms, suits, and coats.
How it works: It’s just like shopping online, but you’re renting. Add items to your shopping cart, for one, two or three-month borrowing periods.
Best for: Professionals and people with specific needs and tastes.
Cost: No membership fees, no sign up to check out outfits. Free shipping and delivery for orders over $75.

How did you tackle maternity fashion? Let us know in the comments.


—Kelley Gardiner