Go beyond flowers, chocolates and gift cards this Mother’s Day and get crafty with your baby. Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than a homemade present. While Baby may not be able to create a master work of art yet on her own, that doesn’t mean she can’t add a special touch to the perfect gift for Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day. Whether you and Baby make a mess or not creating these crafts from bloggers, you’ll definitely make a memory.

Smile Blossoms

All your little one needs to add to these cupcake liner Smile Blossoms from Paging Supermom is the smile. Dress Baby (and siblings) up and use it as an opportunity for a photo shoot to find that perfect picture. Stop by the blog for a free printable of the blue polka-dotted background.

Bouquet of Love

Heart-shaped, finger-painted flower petals are the centerpiece of the Bouquet of Love on Toddler Approved. Once the finger painting is done, test out your mini artist’s scribbling skills for the stems and then simply cut and paste for a beautiful arrangement.

Paper Mache Bowls

An admittedly messy craft for the slightly older baby or toddler, the Paper Mache Bowls on the Happy Hooligans blog will sure to be a hit on Mother’s Day. Give them as-is or add an additional gift inside. They are as useful as they are one-of-a-kind!

Handprint Apron

Craft a garden of love with baby’s hand and footprints on an adorable Handprint Apron from the Little Page Turners blog. Add in a yellow thumb and a few red ones for the bee and ladybugs. No green thumb needed!

Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

Catch some rays and mama’s heart with these Rainbow Heart Suncatchers from Fireflies Mud Pies. You can cut the tissue paper or have baby rip it up before letting him go to town gluing them in place. The mess will be worth the smiles it creates!

Coffee Filter Flowers

An ice-cube tray of watercolors, coffee filters, and pipe cleaners are all you need to make beautiful Colored Coffee Filter Flowers that will never wilt. The Hands On As We Grow blog has full instructions for painting or dipping (depending on baby’s dexterity) the filters for a gorgeous Mother’s Day bouquet.

Handmade Mother's Day Cards

We love this unique idea for making your own card. It combines hand- scribbled art with photos of the artist in action. It's a clever combination of mediums that pairs into a unique and memorable idea. And if your little one is too young to manage a paintbrush or marker, it could just as well be made using finger paints. Check out the card (and if you're in the mood for the next level, a DIY envelope to put it in) at The Mombot.

Handprint Memory Box

Let your little one lend a hand for this custom Handprint Memory Box from Mama.Papa.Bubba. Turn the handprint into a heart that is sure to melt any mother every time she adds a memento to it. Add a little treat inside the box for an extra surprise.

Flower Family Picture

The Forever Fresh Flower Family Picture from Domestic Mommyhood showcases cute faces surrounded by real flower petals. Tiny fingerprints make for perfect leaves on the stems. A craft that’s great for babies with older siblings and is sure to leave a smile on mom’s face.

Mason Jar Vase

Everyone loves flowers, but showing them off in this vase makes them extra special. This project can be done almost for free using items you probably already have around your house. It’s fast, easy, and yet another idea that lets your mini person stick his hand in paint. Get the how-to at Christina's Adventures.

Handprint Charms

Break out the bling for this sparkly craft of Handprint Charms from Plucking Daisies. Personalize with baby’s initial, name, and of course handprint for a gift that’s sure to charm any mom. The charm can also be made into a key chain or ornament.

Salt Dough Footprint Hearts

If you have salt, flour, water, an oven and some paint, you can make these adorable footprint hearts. Your baby will have fun leaving their marks in the dough, and older siblings can add a footprint too. If your wee one is a motor skill savant that can hold and use a paintbrush, they can even help with the painting. The result is an excellent decoration that can be used indoors or out. Visit HubPages for the full set of instructions.

Child Painted Canvas

This incredibly simple project turns a sloppy mess into a piece of fine art. Grab a piece of canvas, a few jars of finger paint, and some shape stickers or die-cut vinyl lettering and your little one can create a pretty spectacular piece of artwork perfect for you or Grandma. It will also give your kiddo experience with texture, colors and creativity. See the original project at The Desperate Craftwives.

Sandy Fingerprint Candle Holders

Decorate a candle holder with the help of those tiny little fingers and toes. All you need are a few dabs of glue and some rainbow craft sand to cover a mason jar with adorable little finger or toe prints. Check out some of the photos of the finished, illuminated project at Sugar Aunts.

Thumbprint Charm Necklaces

Here's another idea that involves your little one sticking her tiny fingers in some gooey material – but hey, they love getting messy, right? This one requires a little extra work on Mom’s (or Dad's) part, but the result is a super unique heart-shaped pendant featuring your babe’s cute little fingerprints. Simple and sweet, proud mamas or grandmas will enjoy showing off this necklace. Find the full craft idea at That's What Che Said.

Sandy Handprints

This project takes a different approach to the handprint art concept and creates a physical, tangible handprint out of sand. The original idea uses it as a way to immortalize a child’s first trip to the beach, but it could just as easily come from their first sandbox. Either way, it’s a keepsake Mom will love to hold onto for years to come. All of the steps to make one yourself can be found at Crafting a Green World.

What are your favorite crafts to create with baby for Mother’s Day? Share in a comment.

–Katie L. Carroll & Jeff Saporito



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