Go beyond flowers, chocolates and gift cards this Mother’s Day and get crafty with your baby. Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than a homemade present. While Baby may not be able to create a master work of art yet on her own, that doesn’t mean she can’t add a special touch to the perfect gift for Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day. Whether you and Baby make a mess or not creating these crafts from bloggers, you’ll definitely make a memory.

Smile Blossoms

All your little one needs to add to these cupcake liner Smile Blossoms from Paging Supermom is the smile. Dress Baby (and siblings) up and use it as an opportunity for a photo shoot to find that perfect picture. Stop by the blog for a free printable of the blue polka-dotted background.

Photo: Paging Supermom

What are your favorite crafts to create with baby for Mother’s Day? Share in a comment.

–Katie L. Carroll & Jeff Saporito