From harvest-inspired décor to hot, cinnamon-spiced drinks, the autumnal theme is warm and inviting—and just perfect for a baby shower. Below, we share 10 ways to bring autumn sights, smells, tastes and a little fun into your sweater-weather soiree.

photo: Brooklyn Candle Studio

Lighten the Mood
Candlelight creates a warm, cozy ambiance as days are getting shorter and cooler. The Amber Apothecary Candles ($35) from Brooklyn Candle Studio are made with 100% soy and housed in an amber glass for an especially gorgeous glow. Fall-inspired scents include Sweet Fig, Fern + Moss, Cedarwood Vanilla, and Pumpkin Harvest.

photo: World Market

Add an Earthy Element
Wood wares, like this Wood Bark Pedestal Stand ($29.99) from World Market, bring both beauty and added function to your shower décor. The natural texture of the wood will give the sense of being outdoors, and the rich hues are evocative of all that’s fall. Top it with a big pumpkin, clusters of candles, or hors d’oeuvres.

photo: The Republic of Tea

Toast with Tea
A hot cup of tea will make your friends and family want to curl up and stay awhile. Choose sweet scents that evoke the season, like Hot Apple Cider or Caramel Apple from The Republic of Tea autumn collection. The Hot Apple Cider variety is a blend of apples, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, while Caramel Apple has rooibos, smooth caramel, apple bits, and vanilla. Both are caffeine-free for the mom-to-be.

photo: Blue I Style

Baby bump plus fall equals pumpkins, right? Turn the season up a notch, without going overboard, by popping a pacifier into the face of a jack ‘o’ lantern drawn with marker. No carving required! Blue I Style shows you how to create your own lil pumpkin.


Incorporate Diapers as Decor
Diapers deserve a place at every baby shower. And the outdoors-inspired designs from The Honest Company make this décor idea even cuter. The GREAT Adventure Collection is full of wildflowers, leaves, trees, mountains, mushrooms, pine cones, and even a moose or two. Go retro with a classic diaper cake or wrap stacks of them in color-coordinating ribbon for centerpieces. They’re in stores on August 21, and available on for subscribers on August 21 and for non-subscribers on August 28.

photo: World Market

Go for the Gold
Perhaps the prettiest fall color? Gold. This neutral hue will instantly elevate your shower and can be used in everything from the invitations to the food to the decorative items. To keep it from going too over-the-top, use darker gold tones and avoid anything too brassy. These Black & Gold Leaf Hurricane Candleholders ($6.99–$16.99) can be used for their intended purpose, or to house pens and pencils (for shower games), cutlery, cute straws, or even fall foliage as decorations.

photo: Nature Nate’s

Sweeten with Honey
If your shower is a brunch-time affair, sweeten the menu with a fall flavor like honey. And go for the good stuff, like Nature Nate’s Raw and Unfiltered Honey. Use it to whip up a big batch of cinnamon honey French toast, which your guests will find both comforting and chic when dressed with pear slices and whipped cream. The honey tins above ($12 each) also make a season-appropriate party favor.

photo: Red Velvet NYC

Deck Out Dessert
For a sophisticated take on dessert, try this Applesauce Cake (available starting September 1) from Red Velvet NYC. They’ll send you both the recipe and pre-measured ingredients to make baking it a snap. It looks both decadent and festive, and it’s beautiful enough to be the table centerpiece, especially atop a stunning cake or pie stand.

photo: Sweet Home Farm

Make-Your-Own Parfait Bar
Stock a few different types of regular and Greek yogurt, and then get autumnal with the toppings. Try fruits like apples, cranberries, and pomegranates, along with toasted nuts, granola (like Sweet Home Farm’s pumpkin flax variety), candy corn, cinnamon to sprinkle, and caramel to drizzle. A parfait bar can also keeps guests entertained if gifts are being opened at the shower.

photo: Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP

Favors with Flavor
Edible favors are usually the way to go for a baby shower, especially when you can incorporate some amazing fall flavors. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP comes in varieties that perfectly hit that salty-sweet note most people can’t get enough of, like pumpkin spice, candy corn, and buttery caramel. The bags are full of non-GMO popcorn with whole-grain goodness. Stick a “She’s About to Pop!” tag or sticker on the bag and consider it the tastiest takeaway gift.

What’s your best tip for an autumn baby shower? Share in the comments below.

— Whitney C. Harris