We all know babies require a lot of stuff. But we don’t always know where to put it all. Before you spend all your money on high-priced furniture, baskets and bins, read on for some clever — and cost-effective — organizational ideas you can DIY.

Changing Station Organizer

Hang a peg board over the changing table and decorate it with a mix of cool memorabilia and necessities: baskets filled with butt cream and wipes, baby's monogram, and a favorite toy to distract during diaper changes. It'll all be out of the way but easily in reach. Win-win!

Idea: 100 Layer Cake-Let


Book Baskets

Keep your bookworm's hardcovers and pop-ups looking brand-new by stashing them in hanging baskets. Put the special reads (like Grandma's hand-me-downs) in baskets out of baby's reach.

Idea: Apartment Therapy

Clip Board for Accessories

Keep small items like headbands or hats in order with this cute DIY clip board. To make it, get some pallet wood (paint it if you like) and use wood glue to adhere clothespins across the board. When your child gets older, you can use it to organize jewelry, bow ties, or other small items.

Idea: Tinker With This

Burlap-Covered Boxes

Lots of diapers means plenty of empty diaper boxes. Reduce, reuse and recycle by wrapping the boxes in burlap or your favorite patterned fabric. Fill them with diapers, onesies, baby toys or anything else that need a home.

Idea: My Pink Life

Closet Dividers

If you received lots of clothes at your baby shower or stocked up during Black Friday sales, you may find your baby's closet overrun with clothes in various sizes. To keep clothing organized by size, design and decorate plain wooden door hangers. If your closet bar isn't removable, hang the dividers on a pretty ribbon.

Idea: Blissfully Domestic

Diaper Decor

Diapers are so much a part of your baby's room (and both of your lives!), you might as well make them part of the decor. In this clever hack, a shower caddy doubles as a handy and supercute diaper holder/display. Add a few coats of spray paint to match it to your nursery color scheme.

Idea: Junk in the Trunk Vintage

Floating Shelves

A few inexpensive wooden boxes, some paint and hangers to affix them to your nursery wall are all you need for this eye-catching, and endlessly customizable, wall decor. It holds books, toys, photos and anything else you need to store. Best of all, you can keep adding to the display if you need more storage space, or rearranging as your needs change. 

Idea: Juliana de Giacomi via Handmade Charlotte

Mini Chalkboard Clips

Attach these mini chalkboards (they come with attached clothespins) to toy bins, laundry baskets, storage baskets, and more! This decorative way to label each container keeps items organized and gives you better oversight into what you have.

Available at amazon.com, $8.99 for a pack of 12.

What are your favorite ideas for organizing baby’s room on a budget? Tell us about it in the comments.

— Ayren Jackson-Cannady



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