Babies require a lot of things (and you thought your shoe collection was intense). And just as soon as you’re positive you have everything the little one needs, you have to figure out where to put it all. Before you go the pricey private organizer route (because, let’s face it, it’s just easier to outsource these days), read on for some seriously clever – and cost-effective – organization ideas you can DIY.

Changing Station Re-imagined

Hang a peg board over the changing table. Fill it with a mix of cool memorabilia and necessities - think baskets filled with butt cream and wipes, his monogram, and a favorite toy. It'll all be out of the way of the diaper changing, but easily in reach.

Idea: 100 Layer Cake-Let

Book Baskets

Keep your future bookworm's hardcovers and pop-ups looking brand new by stashing them in hanging baskets. Put the special tomes (think: Grandma's hand-me-down from 1935) in baskets hung higher than baby's reach.

Idea: Apartment Therapy

Clip Board

Keeping bebe's mounds of headbands in order is not only easy, but cute too, with this tactic. Grab some pallet wood and paint it (if you feel like it). Then, use wood glue to adhere clothespins (which you can also paint if you'd like) across the board. Too cute. Later, this same little genius DIY project can organize jewelry.

Idea: Tinker With This

Think Inside the Box

Lots of diapers amount to plenty of leftover diaper boxes. Reduce, reuse and recycle by wrapping the boxes (which are typically very sturdy) in burlap or your favorite patterned fabric. Fill them with cloth diapers, onesies, baby toys and all the other little things that need a place.

Idea: My Pink Life

Divide & Conquer

The baby clothes (in various sizes) keep coming, eh? Closet dividers are one of the best ways to keep kiddos clothes organized by size. But, you don't have to buy pricey dividers. Just design and decorate your own using wooden door hangers and ribbon. Voila!

Idea: Blissfully Domestic

Chalk It Up

The mini chalkboards (attached to mini laundry baskets) used in this baby boy's closet are the gift that keeps on giving. When your little has outgrown, say, all of her newborn long sleeve shirts, you simple consign or donate what's inside and then erase and reassign the basket.

Idea: Casa Cullen

Diaper Decor

With a baby, you go through a lot of diapers (like, you didn't know that already!). They're so much a part of Junior's room that you might as well make them look good. Try using a shower caddy as a diaper holder/display. You can even match it to your nursery with a couple of coats of spray paint!

Idea: Junk in the Trunk Vintage

DIY Closet

Short on storage space? Here's a simple solution! Convert a bookcase into a functioning closet by taking out a couple of the shelves and hanging up pressure rods. Bonus: since baby's threads are on display, you're forced to keep them neat and orderly.

Idea: Stacks Corporation


Do you have any brilliant ideas for organizing baby’s room on a budget? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady



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