“Our Lovey Buddies make the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones! We have 6 different Lovey designs (a cat, bunny, lamb, fox, lion and monkey).  We are positive they will love seeing one of our Loveys under their Christmas tree this year!

Are you expecting?! We also offer a unique alternative to the gender reveal celebrations.  Our Gender Reveal Loveys come packaged in a keepsake box with a fun Old Wives Tale prediction game on the back to do prior to opening.  It includes one of our boy or girl loveys and a set of monthly milestone stickers.  This is such an exciting surprise and a keepsake all in one gift.  It is truly a gift your little one can grow with!

Lovey Buddies: https://www.hudsonandheartco.com/collections/individual-loveys

Gender Reveal Loveys: https://www.hudsonandheartco.com/products/gender-reveal-loveys ”


-from Lori Christopoulos, Ashley Yancer, & Lauren Wails, Hudson & Heart Company
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