Let your newest family member be your inspiration for personalized gifts this year. We know you’ve been snapping photos like crazy, and maybe even got professional shots taken. Use them to the fullest, by giving one of these beautiful and creative photo gifts this holiday.

For Big Brothers & Sisters

Preschools will be over-the-moon to open up a game featuring his own face and those of his family members. Personalize this game of dominoes with seven favorite photos - new baby, mom, dad, sibling, grandma, grandpa, cousins, etc. Then, seeing how the family has expanded with your new addition will be even more fun.

Available at pinholepress.com, $34.99.

  • For Big Brothers & Sisters
  • For Working Parents
  • For Your Friend That Needs Cheering Up
  • For Grandparents Who Wish You Sent More Printed Photos
  • For Your Baby
  • For Your Sister
  • For Your Best Friend Who Doesn't Have Kids Yet
  • For Yourself
  • For Social Media Challenged Relatives
  • For the Whole Family

What’s your favorite photo gift to give? Tell us in a comment.

— Julie Seguss