Introducing new foods to your little one is a big step. But for busy parents, sourcing the perfect ingredients and making food from scratch every day is not very realistic. Which is why you need Raised Real.

Here’s how they are making sure every bite is healthy and perfect for your baby, and convenient for you:

  • All meals are ready in minutes! And Raised Real is delivered to your door so you can use that time you’d spend in the grocery store for extra cuddles.
  • Raised Real’s meals grow with your child. From purees to mash to finger foods, meals can be made your way for every age and stage.
  • Raised Real helps parents avoid picky-eater syndrome by offering a variety of delicious combinations along with healthy fats and spices for early flavor learning.
  • All of Raised Real’s meals are organically-sourced, plant-based and Big 8 allergen free (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy).
  • Have questions about nutrition or feeding your baby? Raised Real even has a text hotline to answer questions relating to feeding your littles.

Plus, right now use code REDTRI for $25 off your first box of meals (expires 12/16/2018).

This just got real.

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“I don’t have to meal plan or shop for ingredients that will go to waste. I love how Raised Real does the work for me!”
— Hannah B., mom to a 10-month-old
“My baby eats better than I do.”
— Kristin K., mom to an 11-month-old
“Raised Real got my little one to try new foods and flavors she never would have before. Some of these are even her favorites now!”
— Emily J, mom to a 24-month-old