Once your baby is out of the newborn stage, its important to establish a solid bedtime routine and a gadget that plays music, provides white noise, lights up the room softly or otherwise offers comfort is a good addition. Here are 12 of the latest and greatest gadgets that promise to help your baby get to sleep at night and stay that way for as long as possible. Sweet dreams!

An App-Controlled Portable Speaker

First of all, this is one of the cutest portable speakers we've ever seen. And secondly, we love how easy it is to stash in a diaper bag or suitcase for helping baby sleep anywhere, anytime. But the real reason WavHello's SoundBub is a winner in the soothing arena is that thanks to an app and Bluetooth, you can play their favorite tunes, not just the typical Brahm's lullaby. This is key for those babies who best snooze to Taylor Swift or the Star Wars theme song. That said, this sweet bunny also plays pink noise (rain and beach sounds) with the push of its belly. Plus, you can save your batteries -- this gadget is rechargeable.

Available at wavhello.com, $59.99.

What do you include in Baby’s bedtime routine? Tell us about it below.

–Julie Seguss