No matter how you felt about painted pregnant bellies before (fascinated, wanting to try it, a little weirded out), you may want to get on board now because Spanx creator Sara Blakely just made it one of the hottest trends. Her newly-released book The Belly Art Project features photos of some seriously amazing painted bellies on everyday women as well as a few celebrities. The best part? It’s all for a good cause.


What is The Belly Art Project?

Pregnant bumps are an artist’s canvas in this beautiful belly-filled read. Spanx founder and CEO Sara Blakely came up with the idea for the project when she was a few days away from giving birth to her son and seven years later, it is complete.

Inside you’ll find more than 100 women baring painted bellies that are incredibly creative, amazing, gorgeous, inspiring and hilarious. While many of the mamas-to-be are everyday ladies, you’ll also recognize a few familiar faces including Kate Winslet and Milla Jovovich.

But don’t think this is just a book filled with clever bump photos. The book raises money and awareness for Every Mother Counts. One woman dies every two minutes from childbirth and Every Mother Counts aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for moms across the globe.


Why You Want to Buy this Book

First of all, 100 percent of the author’s proceeds benefit Every Mother Counts. And secondly, the artwork in this book is truly amazing. Whether you’re pregnant now, or have been in the past, sometimes you need to see pregnancy in a truly lighthearted way and these images do just that. For moms-to-be, the book has a section with tips and instructions for painting your own belly.


How Can You Get Involved?

You can help raise awareness for this cause by painting your belly (for Halloween or any day) with the Do It Yourself Belly Painting Kit. The all-inclusive kit comes with paint brushes, sponges and glitter to transform your bump. Make a game of painting your belly at your baby shower, or get creative with a friend to take a photo to help you remember your pregnancy.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the kit go to Every Mother Counts. You can share your artwork on IG, Facebook and the like by tagging #bellyartproject and @sarablakely to bring attention to the cause.


The Belly Art Project is available at, $22.49.

Belly Paint Kit is available at, $39.99.


Have you or would you ever paint your pregnant belly? Tell us about your maternity masterpiece in a comment.

–Julie Seguss