It’s hard to find time to shower, let alone cook a healthy, delicious dinner when you have a new baby. And that’s why we love meal delivery services! You can put in as much or as little effort as you’d like and still get a meal that’s mostly homemade on your table (or your lap — let’s be honest!). Below we break down 5 of our favorites to help you find the one that’s right for you. Most deliver throughout the United States. Bon appétit!

photo: Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh
Why we love it: Hello Fresh’s meal kits help you make tasty, satisfying food that’s simple without being boring. Some home cooks find their meals among the least intimidating of all meal kits, and dishes like Cherry Balsamic Pork Chops or Eggplant & Sun-Dried Tomato Linguine are just enough out of the ordinary to be interesting without requiring a heroic effort on your part.

What it costs: $9.99/serving on the Classic Plan or Veggie Plan and $8.74/serving on the 4-person family plan.

What makes it unique? Hello Fresh features a curated store of chef-selected kitchen tools that might come in handy during dinner prep. Their Starter Kit is particularly helpful and includes everything from tongs to a fish spatula. In addition, their easy-to-navigate app helps you select meals with just one hand — even during a late-night nursing session!

What’s the deal? Three free meals with your first order.

photo: Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Why we love it: Blue Apron pioneered the concept of sending a week’s worth of meals to your doorstep in an effort to get more people cooking by removing many hassles of meal prep. It’s an enormous company, with more than $1 billion in sales each year, and their years of experience means they know what they’re doing. Their large size also means they’re able to take some innovative, high-tech steps to shape how food is grown, harvested and distributed.

What it costs: $9.99/serving on the 2 Person Plan and $8.99/serving on the 4-person Family Plan.

What makes it unique? Blue Apron offers wine! Their monthly wine program pairs 6 premium wines with their recipes for $10/bottle. Bottles are sized for 2 people (500ml), and you receive 3 bottles of white and 3 bottles of red, all exclusive to Blue Apron.

What’s the deal? 2 free meals with your first order.

photo: One Potato

One Potato
Why we love it: One Potato combines some of what we love about several other meal subscriptions. Their meals are family-friendly, organic and humanely sourced, and they’re ready in 30 minutes or less. They aim to appeal to the whole family with meals like Gnocchi with Basil Pesto, Steak Fajitas, and Crunchy Chicken Nuggets. They also offer an omnivore or vegetarian option.

What it costs: $11.99/adult and $4.50/child.

What makes it unique? Pricing is customized to your family composition and based on a per adult and per child basis. This is especially helpful if you have more or fewer family members than the two adults and two kids that are fed by many other meal kits.

What’s the deal? $20 off your first order.

photo: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot
Why we love it: Purple Carrot’s recipes are entirely plant-based, and their team chooses meals for you, eliminating the need for you to log in by a certain date to make your own choices. Plus, they put an innovative spin on plant-based meals with dishes like Seitan Gyro with Shaved Artichoke Salad and Tahini Yogurt or Kale Caesar with Crispy Butter Beans and Everything Bagel Croutons.

What it costs: $11.33/serving on the 1-2 person plan, $9.25/serving on the 3-4 person plan, and $13/serving on the performance plan.

What makes it unique? Purple Carrot’s Performance Meals plan might solve a common critique we hear from fellow meal-kit moms: “It’s just not enough food for my husband!” This plan is higher in protein and aimed at helping athletes and active people (like nursing moms!) perform their best.

What’s the deal? $25 off your first order.

photo: Sun Basket

Sun Basket
Why we love it: Sun Basket focuses on organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. They offer paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian options, and you can select 2-4 recipes per week to feed 2-4 people. You can also mix and match across meal categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone at your table, whether it’s North Carolina Pulled Pork Sliders or Korean-style Burgers with Kimchi Slaw.

What it costs: $9.99/serving on the Family Menu and $11.49/serving on the Classic Plan.

What makes it unique? Sun Basket ensures their packaging is 100% recyclable and sources only humanely raised meat. If you like to support companies who “do good always,” Sun Basket could be your jam.


What’s the deal? 3 free meals with your first delivery.

What do you like best about meal-delivery services? Tell us below!

— Elizabeth Carr