As new moms, we have reasons to feel grateful every day of the year (a long nap! a new milestone!). But there’s something about sweet potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake that makes us want to count our blessings. We’ll start you off with 10 things we’re grateful for on Thanksgiving, and we hope it puts you in the holiday spirit to keep counting.

photo: operabug via Flickr

1. All the turkey and carbs makes everybody else as sleepy as we are, so nobody will judge us for wanting to veg on the couch.

2. Spending the holiday with family or friends means lots of willing laps and arms to hold the baby.

3. With all those side dishes, there’s bound to be something our child will eat. And if not, they’ll at least have fun mushing around their mashed potatoes.

4. Onesies with funny sayings. There’s the classic Gobble til you wobble, but we also like I’m just here for the pie, and No more milk…pass me the leftovers.

5. Between football, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Friends reruns, watching TV is an official part of the holiday. So it’s the one day of the year we don’t feel guilty about letting the baby watch some.

6. Leftovers! Goodbye, oven. Hello, microwave!

photo: Melissa via Flickr

7. Pie. And then more pie. There’s calcium in whipped cream, so we’re going to need some of that too.

8. Unbuttoning your pants is practically the required dress code, and it feels sooo good.

9. Since Thanksgiving isn’t a gift holiday, we don’t have to scramble to buy a bunch of presents and then lug home noisy toys and write thank-you notes. The only thing we’re taking home comes in Tupperware.


10. Nobody will make fun of us for being sappy about our family. Gratefulness is the word of the day, and our babies have taught us what that word really means.


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What are you most thankful for on this Thanksgiving? Share in the comments.

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise