Being the mama of a winter baby is where it’s at. Besides having a sweet newborn to cuddle (hello, personal heater!) there are plenty of other perks to having a babe in arms during the cold weather months. So, when all of your spring and summer-baby mom friends are oozing about their future plans for birthday pool parties, you can whip out this “You Know You’re a Mom of a Winter Baby When” list … if only for your own personal satisfaction.


Photo: Kevin Stanchfield via Flickr

1. After a long night with baby, it is socially acceptable to basically wear pajamas all day; oversized sweaters and leggings, we’re looking at you.

2. If baby arrives by the holidays, you’ll get to show off the best gift ever. Socks and underwear ain’t got nothin’ on a new baby bundle.

3. Requests to hold baby are automatically greeted with an in-depth investigation of the potential-holder’s vaccination and recent hand washing history.


baby-bootyPhoto: Christy Lynne Photography

4. You could join a pit crew with your diaper changing speed. Can’t let baby get chilled!

5. You’ll never “get” to host a summer birthday pool party with a dozen short, noisy humans who think of a pool as a giant collective toilet bowl.

6. That super attractive sweat trail from your back to your ankles that baby-wearing moms get in the summer? Yeah, you don’t have it.

warm-babyPhoto: Tom Piowaty Photography

7. You know that true happiness is curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and warm bundle of baby, a.k.a. your own portable heat source.

8. You secretly gloat over how your feet never swelled up like giant pufferfish during the last months of your pregnancy.

9. With baby busted out, you’ve got extra room to indulge in holiday food. Bonus: you’re probably still wearing stretchy pants.


Photo: Dean Wissing via Flickr

10. Seasonally spiced hot lattes are the order of the day (literally) when you’ve been up all night with a newborn. (Tip: don’t flaunt your free caffeine pass in front of a still-pregnant spring or summer mama.)

11. You have the perfect excuse to hunker down at home and avoid going anywhere you might encounter other (germy!) humans.

12. A new babe in arms gives you the option to skip out on the expected holiday get-togethers. Plus or minus? You decide.


Photo: David Mulder via Flickr

13. You think less about how your post-baby beach body is going to look come summer and more about what warm, delicious comfort food that is in your immediate future.

14. You have a perfect excuse to stay inside and nap with baby when any snow falls.


Photo: Christy Lynne Photography

15. You’ve already got plans for that extra tax break (assuming baby gets evicted before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.)

16. You can breastfeed without feeling like a gross, sweaty dairy cow in summer’s heat.


Photo: US Army via Flickr

17. Those tiny baby in a giant snowsuit photos are one of a kind.

18. You don’t have to stress about slathering sunscreen on to a newborn.

Why do you love being a parent of a winter baby? Tell us!

–Suzanna Palmer