It’s cold and flu season, and no parent likes having to deal with a miserable sick kid in the winter, from those coughs that last for weeks, fevers that make them grumpy to those long restless nights with little sleep—for a sick kiddo and their parents. That’s why one Facebook mom at her wit’s end decided to try an interesting home remedy for her sick son this cold season. Can putting potatoes in your child’s socks cure a cold? Debbie Vigan seems to think so. At least, it worked for her kid!

When Vigan’s kiddo came down with a cold she tried a trick that she had read about—putting sliced potatoes in her child’s socks as he slept. After a night sleeping with potato socks, he stopped coughing and his runny nose dried up. So, is this home remedy really a cold cure?

This certainly isn’t the first time that somebody has found a used a natural cute for the common cold. Or any illness for that matter. Heck, it’s not even the first time that somebody has suggested that you fill your socks with food to keep the coughing, sneezing and sniffles at bay.

An old folk remedy for kicking the common cold for flu to the curb is to put onions in your socks. Umm yeah, we get it. Your feet (and probably the rest of you) would smell not so swell in the morning, right? But supposedly the smell is worth the cold and flu fighting abilities of the onion. The reasoning behind this trick comes from several different sources. In the 14th century, people believed that onions could ward off the Black Plague. That whole foot thing comes from Chinese reflexology: this ancient form of Chinese medicine massages specific sections of the feet as “access points” to “fix” any internal organs having issues. And then there’s the idea—idea, not fact—that the sulphuric compounds in onions have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses.


When it comes down to it, there’s no solid scientific evidence that onions on your feet can cure a cold. But… There’s also no evidence that they don’t, either. The same goes for potatoes. But what about that viral photo Vigan posted on Facebook? Take a look at the potatoes from her son’s feet versus the ones she left out on the counter overnight. They may just make you wonder.