If you’re on the hunt for cheap flights to Europe, it’s your lucky day. WOW air recently announced $49 one-way tickets from the United States to Europe. These cheap flights to Europe can’t be beat—but you have to act fast to snag this great price.

Airfare to the following European cities are on sale from Jan. 21 to Mar. 11: Dublin, Ireland; Brussels, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany and London, England, originating from Boston, Newark, Detroit and Washington D.C. But there’s one very important catch to these great one-way fares. Read on for the fine print.

Photo: WOW air via Instagram

Of course, there is a catch. The $49 price is only one-way and it doesn’t apply to every ticket every day. To qualify for the reduced one-way fare, you need to book a round-trip flight—and the one-way fare is literally only good for exactly one way, not both legs of your trip.

As such, it will cost you more to get home than it will to get to your European destination. But while you might be paying full price for your way home, it’s still cheaper paying such a reduced fare for one leg of your next European adventure.

To score this sweet deal, you’ll need to book your WOW air Europe flight by Jan. 18.


—Erica Loop



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