Attention, little monkeys! We went up ladders, got lost in jungle gyms and scaled walls in search of the best playgrounds for kids who like to climb (someone had to do the hard work). From train-shaped climbing structures to spiderwebs that never end, get ready to go bananas for these destinations where your adventurer can reach new heights.

For Spiderman Wannabes: Portage Park

The Climb: Careful on that rope web -- it twists and undulates like a giant tidal wave. Grab ahold and enjoy the climb. There are climbing options for every age from the twisting rope web, to a circular structure, to small options along the traditional equipment. Small sloping “hills” with pretend canoes offers easy climbing for the younger set.

4100 N. Long Ave.
Portage Park

  • For Spiderman Wannabes: Portage Park
  • For Fancy Footwork: Knoch Park
  • For Older Climbers: Mary Bartelme Playground
  • For North Shore Fun: Roosevelt Playground
  • For Out of this World Climbing: Edwin C. "Bill" Berry Playground
  • For Trucks & Stuff: Senn Playlot Park
  • For Train Fans: Rutherford Sayre Playground
  • For Skyline Views: A. Montgomery Ward Playground
  • For Ecofriendly Fun: Katherine Legge Memorial Playground
  • For Animal Adventures: Chi Che Wang Playlot Park
  • For Climbing Like a Spider: Festival Park
  • For Acting Like a Monkey: Harvester Park
  • For Climbing with a View: Maggie Daley

Where do you go to climb? Let us know in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers & Mistie Lucht