Butler Children’s Prep

Situated in the heart of Chicago’s celebrated Gold Coast, Butler Children’s Prep is a new, true preschool for ages 2-5. Our mission is to provide an education that appreciates different learning styles and creates a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment for all children to fulfill their potential. Butler students will thrive while learning, and carry on the ideals of the three B’s: to have Belief in one’s abilities, that Beauty exists in all things, and that each of us shares a common Bond. This is the Butler way!

Designed to support individuality and independence, our proven preschool curriculum sets the stage for a love of learning. Each day, our students have opportunities for open-ended exploration and play. In addition, our teachers create authentic, discovery-based experiences where your child can find success in his or her innate curiosity. Along with helping to build a strong academic foundation, we place high value on nurturing social-emotional development.


000002977-kw48wrp8cdxwbvypv18-from Nikki Koutsonicolis, Butler Children’s Preparatory
17 E Pearson St
Chicago, Il 60611
Phone: 312-643-1401
Online: butlerchicago.org
Facebook: facebook.com/butlerchicago.org



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