Welcome to Butler Children’s Prep, located in the Gold Coast neighborhood.  Butler is now accepting applications for immediate enrollment.  Our mission is to provide an education that appreciates different learning styles and creates a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment for all children to fulfill their full potential.  We offer a STEM based curriculum 2, 3 or 5 days a week.  

Butler students will thrive while learning, and carry on the ideals of the three B’s: to have Belief in one’s abilities, that Beauty exists in all things, and that each of us shares a common Bond.  This is the Butler way!

Through a mindful approach, Butler students will acquire the skills to become future leaders and thinkers; confidently growing in knowledge while becoming the best persons they can be.

Staying committed to our vision and mission will allow Butler to shape the hearts and minds of all who enter our doors.

We would love to have you come in for a tour of Butler Children’s Prep.  Tours can be scheduled to accommodate your schedule.


-from Butler Children’s Preparatory
17 E Pearson St
Chicago, Il 60611
Phone: 312-643-1401
Online: butlerchicago.org
Facebook: facebook.com/butlerchicago.org