Super Moms. Power Moms. No matter whether you spend your day kicking butt as a stay-at-home mom or busting through glass ceilings in life, all moms are pretty incredible. We made it our mission to find working (outside of the home) mom role models who are not only masters of their industries, but set the example of achieving professional success with integrity intact. Meet just a small representation of Chicago’s Power Moms: women who carry an incredible amount of responsibility and commitments to careers, family, friends and community, all with kindness and humility. From a freelance writer to a nuclear power exec, we’re proud to have these women, and you, as part of our village. Click the slideshow to meet the moms.

Alisha Sommer, Freelance Writer and Photographer

Have you ever met someone who’s mere presence is a calming force? Someone who carries themselves with a quiet dignity and when they speak you listen because you know it’s going to be good? That’s Alisha - mother to Dean (8), Nora (7) and Dash (5) - in a nutshell. As an accomplished writer, she has a passion for helping others find a beautiful way to tell their story. She surrounds herself with other strong, talented individuals who push her to think in new ways. She’s inspired by people who live life with humility, but also have an unapologetic sense of who they are and how they use their gifts and talents in the world. While the nerd in her harbors secret dreams of hearing in the next parent/teacher conference that one of her kids is hands down a genius, it makes her even more proud that she’s consistently told that her kids are some of the kindest in their classes. She believes and parents to the fact that at the end of the day – at the end of life – that’s what matters most. Not that they get perfect scores on every test, but that they continue to be kind, thoughtful human beings and good citizens in their communities.

Since Alisha is a beautiful thinker and writer, we’ll let her finish her own story . . .

Thoughts on the importance of maintaining positive female relationships: “I feel that everyone should have at least one person who asks nothing of you but to be a friend; a person with whom you can vent and celebrate and just be without expectation or obligation. There’s something very nourishing to the spirit about having relationships that feel like soft places to land.”

Advice you would give to a young girl today: “My grandparents sent me to vacation bible school one summer and we had to memorize Polonious’ advice to Laertes, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and this quote has always stuck with me: “To thine own self be true.” My advice is always to do what you know is right for you whenever you can. Spend time learning how to hear your own voice and trust your instinct. You may make mistakes, but they will be the ones that were worth making.”

Favorite quote: “I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.” – East of Eden, John Steinbeck


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—Maria Chambers