Despite our intentions to channel our inner craft goddess and to make our Pinterest dreams a reality this Easter, let’s be honest — who are we kidding? We can barely get dinner on the table every night much less create wow-worthy Easter treats in advance of the holiday. So for all of you last minute mamas like us who are thinking, is Easter already this weekend?!, we’ve come up with seven sweet on-the-fly Easter treats that will make you look like you’ve spent hours laboring over these cute creations. If only everything else was this easy.

Goldfish Carrots
Got a plastic bag? How about some goldfish and ribbon? We love this simply Easter treat idea courtesy of Melanie at Reasons to Skip the Housework (great blog name, right?). This last minute treat will make you look super creative and it’s oh-so-easy. Plus, you can easily swap the goldfish out for carrots, orange jelly bellies, or anything else you think your fam would love.


Peeps Fruit Kabobs
It wouldn’t feel like Easter without at least one box of those sugary colorful Peeps. The Frugal Girls have thought of a great way to make an easy (and somewhat healthy) Easter basket treat. Simply take a skewer and poke your way to Peep kabob bliss. To make this not an entirely sugar-fueled affair, insert pieces of fruit in-between the marshmallow Peeps.


Chickie Eggs
Typically eggs get dyed this weekend, but what if you and your kiddo decided to dress up your eggs a different way? justJENN has a fabulous idea to create chickie eggs. We love this treat because it’s super easy and only requires three ingredients — an egg, sesame seeds, and a carrot. The outcome is too cute, but be warned — justJENN’s kiddo named his chickie egg, refused to eat it, and treated it like a pet.


Peeps S’mores
Even if you grew up in the city like us, there’s something about making s’mores (even if it is in the microwave) that’s super fun. If you have leftover Peeps and don’t know what to do with them, host a movie night and make Easter s’mores. Family Volley lays out the directions –all you need is graham crackers, some chocolate, Peeps, and a microwave. Or, if you have a gas stove, you can roast your Peeps before sliding them between the graham crackers. Just make sure your kiddos are supervised at all times around the stove!


Bunny Bags
While this last minute Easter basket treat may look like it took a lot of time, Christie of A Lemon Squeezy Home offers up simple directions to create these fun bunny bags in no time flat. Simply take construction paper, fold it in half and trace the bunny to cut out (Christie notes that there are tons of bunny templates online if you’re not the free wheelin’ type). Then place in the baggie whatever suits your fancy — Peeps, chocolate eggs, carrots, granola — the sky is the limit!


Bunny On a Stick
Our friends at the Idea Room have a great marshmallow treat that you can whip up at the last minute. Make a few to include with your kiddo’s Easter basket. Or, place them all in a skinny vase for an marshmallow Bunny bouquet. Click here for all of the details.


Rice Krispie Easter Eggs
With the extra marshmallows you didn’t use for your Bunnies on a Stick, use them to create delicious Easter Egg filled rice krispies. Cheerios and Lattes has the low down on whipping up these last minute treats that you can hide in your house or yard, give out as Easter presents, or put in your little one’s basket.


Do you have any last minute Easter treat ideas to add to our story?