The annual midnight raid of our kiddo’s trick-or-treat bag is just around the corner. Why not mix it up a bit this Halloween season and stock up on unique sweets to give to the neighborhood kids . . . and yourself! Skip the Snickers this year and check out these one-of-a-kind local candy shops that offer something new — in both flavor and ambiance. Click through our album and indulge!

For Sweet (& Spicy!) Treats: Dulcelandia

At Dulcelandia, you'll find every Mexican candy and chocolate treat under the sun. Be adventuresome and give some of the more interesting sweets a try; we like Rollos de Cocco (jumbo milk coconut rolls) and chili-covered mango lollipops. Every kid (and adult!) will love the Obleas, wafers covered with a creamy caramel.

3253 W. 26th St.
3855 W. Fullerton Ave.
4616 S. Kedzie Ave.


What is your favorite local candy shop? Let us know in the Comments!

— Amy Bizzarri

featured photo: Candyality