No doubt grownups need to spend time in a kid-free zone every once in a while, and date nights were invented for just that reason. But sometimes it’s fun to ditch the sitter and have the littles crash the party. Click through for family date night (and day) ideas that are fun for the whole gang, from crashing at a museum for the night to catching dinner and a show. Adult conversation is a snooze-fest anyway, right?

Museum Sleepover: Astro-Overnights at Adler Planetarium

Look to the sky and be mesmerized by the stars during Adler’s Astro-Overnight. Not only do you get unlimited access to explore all the exhibits and experiences Adler has to offer, you get to use your science sleuthing skills to learn more about enigmatic extraterrestrials. Overnighters ages 6-12 (and their family) will solve a unique mystery through a variety of programs, sky shows — and more.

Dates: May 5 & June 2
Cost: $60 per person/$55 per member (overnight rate); $30 per person/$27.50 per member (evening-only rate)
1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Museum Campus

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— Maria Chambers