Ahh, Christmas music. It’s the sound of the season. Sure, it started playing over the mall’s loudspeakers somewhere between the start of the school year and Halloween costume-buying time. But it’s festive, fun and gets you in the mood to drape buckets of tinsel around your home and lace the stairway railings with twinkle lights. Even though the upbeat holiday tunes that flow from late-fall through Christmas Day seem innocent, they may not be. And here’s why!

As it turns out, those holiday melodies may trigger stressful feelings. Whoa, how could that be? After all, aren’t these just light-hearted, sentimental songs? Right?

Even though your fave holiday tunes aren’t exactly causing you psychological trauma, they may bring up anxiety-producing thoughts.

Think about what you typically do during the holidays. Oh, and it isn’t kicking back on the couch with a cup of eggnog, a pair of flannel PJ’s and a good book. No way. It’s more like battle your way through the mall traffic to buy a gift for your aunt, and then standing in line for 45 minutes while waiting to send it off to her. And then coming home to kids who need dinner, presents that need to be wrapped and holiday parties that need you to plan them.


When it comes down to it, the holiday tunes on the radio, at the mall and everywhere else might make you think about all of those holiday stressors. Whether it’s the credit card bill that will come in a thick, thick envelope in January or the family party you need to plan for the 24th, holiday music may make you think about the not-so-relaxing parts of Christmas-time.

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