There is no treat like a chocolate chip cookie and yet no two chocolate chip cookies are ever alike. Whether you’re going gluten-free or adding some banana to your recipe, we’ve found 14 variations, from classic to exotic, for you to experiment with. Click through the gallery to find which one is your next go-to recipe.

Kitchen Sink Cookies

We love cookies we can customize, which is why we love Kitchen Sink Cookies from Amber, Red Tricycle's Managing Editor. She writes, "Years ago another mom passed this idea on to me and I make them every year. She called them Kitchen Sink cookies. Just take a basic oatmeal raisin cookie recipe and amp it up by adding craisins, coconut, nuts and chocolate chips. You usually have to increase the liquid by a few tablespoons, especially if you use shredded coconut, but they are pretty hard to get wrong and really easy to make with kids. Omit the nuts or add chopped dried apricots to change it up." Click here to grab the recipe.

photo: phoebelimcl via flickr

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feature photo: skeeze via pixabay