The surprise that one small person can accumulate so much stuff is quickly followed by the shock of how fast they outgrow it. With a little creative thinking, you’ll discover that a bottle rack is perfect for drying fragile glassware, infant towels make adorable puppets, tying bumpers together creates a great portable nap mat, and so much more. Check out these clever ideas to bring your baby items into the next phase of childhood.

Your Favorite Clothing Becomes Your a Treasured Stuffed Animal

Since most infants double their body weight within the first five months, it’s likely that your little bundle never got a chance to wear half their adorable ensembles. Don’t fret! The clever seamstress over at Sewing With Knits created this sweet stuffed animal using outgrown infant clothing. Cute and cuddly, it’s an adorable way to repurpose your little one’s unworn attire. For an added touch of nostalgia, use your favorite outgrown outfit. You’ll likely have enough fabric to remove the milk-stained portions.

photo: Sewing with Knits via

  • Your Favorite Clothing Becomes Your a Treasured Stuffed Animal
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Do you upcycle your old baby gear and toys? What other projects or idea did we miss? Leave a comment below!

— Lauren Hill

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