Cocoon Cam

“Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitoring system in the world that combines HD video monitoring with vital signs monitoring–without needing to put anything onto the baby. The system uses the power of cutting edge technology to give parents the ultimate confidence that their baby is OK.

We use computer vision–the same technology that’s in self-driving cars–to track and monitor baby’s breathing by analyzing a live video feed. Then we send you instant alerts right to your smartphone so you always know when your baby needs attention. With Cocoon Cam you can see your baby’s breathing motion, see what’s happening in the crib, hear and talk to her, and always know she’s OK.  

Cocoon Cam is non-invasive, safe, flexible, and built for your modern, mobile lifestyle!”


-from Siva Nattamai, Cocoon Cam
Phone: 800-265-0245
Online: cocooncam.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cocooncam
Instagram: instagram.com/cocooncam
Pinterest: pinterest.com/4cocooncam



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