When it comes to afterschool activities, there’s a lot more to do than homework. Got a budding engineer? Sign her up for robotics. Know a young Jedi who wants to master the lightsaber? Try a Jedi Training Academy. Whether it’s learning to handle a horse or practicing parkour, your little learners have plenty to do after the final bell rings. Read on for more ideas.

Climb to New Heights in Brooklyn, Ny

Does your kid like to climb trees? Does she make pillow mountains to scale or hang from jungle gyms by her fingertips? Climbing lessons may be in order. At Brooklyn Boulders Kids Academy, climbers as young as five will learn the mental, physical and social aspects of climbing with a five-to-one teacher/student ratio. Daily activities (the program runs every day after school) include bouldering, roped climbing, stretching, climbing games and slacklining.

Online: brooklynboulders.com

photo: S. Verdure via  Flickr


  • Climb to New Heights in Brooklyn, Ny
  • Join the Circus in San Francisco, Ca
  • Act Like a Wizard in Portland, Or
  • Use the Force in Los Angeles, Ca
  • Do Farm Work in Stonington, Ct
  • Mad Science in Multi-Cities
  • Run Up the Walls in Hawthorne, Ca
  • Minecraft for Girls in Atlanta, Ga
  • Brave Bows and Arrows in Portland, Or
  • Bot Building in Chicago, Il
  • A Comic-al Adventure in San Diego, Ca
  • Learn Woodworking in Boston, Ma
  • Be a Rock Star in San Francisco, Ca
  • Play-Well Tek in Multi-Cities

Did we miss an uber cool class your little learner loves to attend? Let us know in the Comments below!

—Melissa Heckscher