Problem: You want to create a comfortable, happy haven for your little one, but have zero time to scour designer blogs—and what exactly is a “mood board,” anyway? Solution: Snag one of these innovative products that’ll make you look like a design pro in no time. From a play table that works in eight ways to seeing the writing on the wall, scroll down to see them all.

1. Easy On, Easy Off
Each panel of removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper measures two feet by four feet and inspires joyful play with its bright colors and sweet line-drawn animals. There are plenty of how-to videos, and, if you’re having trouble deciding between prints, take a look at the playful illustrations from featured artist Alessandra Olanow (Happy Day is one of our favorites!) and just TRY not to smile.

Available at$40.

2. One Rug That Does It All
A recent Kickstarter hit, these rugs are multi-functional: play mat, designer rug, and toy train tracks (on the reverse side) all in one! Each rug measures 4″-7″ x 6″-9″, boasts a half-inch layer of memory foam, is BPA free, and is tested to European Toy Standards. Currently available in two different designs—one geometric and one eclectic—the company founders report that they’ve even been known to sneak in a yoga session on their durable, comfortable, modern aesthetic mats!

Available at, $199.

3. Sketch the Skyline
Though they are largely known for their moderately-priced, full-package interior design services, you can start small with one of Youthful Nest’s DIY Skyline Murals (featuring such cities as New York City, San Francisco, and Omaha). With painters tape, a few cans of paint, and their large-scale stencils, easily recreate a city skyline in your tiny urbanite’s bedroom.

Available at, $125.

4. Eight Ways to Play
If you’re looking for a kid-sized table that’s not made of primary colored plastic, you’re in luck: this durable, design-savvy table has four adjustable heights, is offered in five different colors, and easily scoops up toy pieces in its hidden catch-all bag. Interchangeable, double-sided play boards (blackboard/magnetic, DUPLO/LEGO base, city/natural landscape, and the puzzle base/wooden cover, which comes with one round puzzle) and multiple storage containers allow for a range of play AND quick clean-up. 

Available at, $126 and up. Delivery begins in fall.  

5. Chalk It Up to Pure Genius
Available in 26 colors and two shapes (rectangles and circles), you’ll actually enjoy watching your tiny artist scribble all over the walls thanks to these whiteboard and chalkboard decals. Arrange the stick-on images in different patterns, orientations, and color combinations to bring a fun pop of color and a ready-made canvas for creativity in your child’s play space or bedroom! Check out the Chalk by Bilk website for layout inspiration.

Available at, $12.

6. Light It Up
The soothing Roome Mini Plus night light is so sophisticated that you might be tempted to feature it elsewhere in your home! Equipped with motion detection, your children will no longer wake up to darkness: as soon as they awake and move, the light provides a comforting glow. When they fall back asleep, the light automatically turns off. The Roome Mini Plus provides just enough light for nighttime feeds or diaper changes and has a genuine leather strap that enables parents to hold it like a lantern. You can even control it from your smartphone!

Available at, $50.

7. Makin’ Memories Stick
Wanna make sure your kid remembers that perfect family weekend at the beach? Or the (admittedly adorable) time she cut her own bangs? These handmade 4”x4” magnetic photo blocks are the ultimate way to personalize your child’s room—and there couldn’t possibly be an easier way to do it, either! Simply upload your photos from your phone (or another device), choose your photos and number of blocks, and you’ll receive your magnetic, ready-to-hang blocks within days. Every order comes with a free grid-style installation kit and tacks to ensure precise hanging every time. You can also stick them on your fridge or prop them up like a table frame. Made from high-grade Baltic birch wood and durable photo printing paper.

Available at$39 for 4 blocks (or choose other pricing packages).


What are your go-to design shortcuts? Share with us in a Comment below.

— Katie Brown