Book a hotel stay on your next vacation that really screams “you’ve arrived.” With the help of a few outrageous themes—spaceship, LEGO bungalows, or a caboose, for starters—your tiny travelers will be thrilled to head back to the room at the end of the day. Flip through the album to see our collection of the best, most incredible hotel rooms for kids from around the globe.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat – Winter Haven, Fl

The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, which opened in early April of 2017, is located near the LEGOLAND Florida Resort in Winter Haven, Florida. It’s like a little Florida village that is designed to look like it is built out of giant LEGO bricks (or to make you feel like a minifig family. You decide).

Each bungalow room can sleep up to five people: there’s one king-sized bed for parents (and let’s be real, whoever else climbs in at 3 a.m.) and a smaller nook that has bunk beds for the kids. The bottom bunk also has a trundle so you can get three kiddos in there. You’ll have a small sitting area outside your room, but the highlight is that each cove of the Beach Retreat has bungalows all facing a central grassy area and play-structure. That means you can relax with your morning cup of coffee (or evening glass of wine) and the kids can keep the party going with their fellow Bungalow buddies.

Bonus: You’ll find lots of little amenities in the room built with kids in mind. Parents will appreciate the toilets with seats that convert to a smaller size; low-hanging hooks for towels and the little signs letting kids know the room has been cleared of sea monsters.

photo and copy by Amber Guetebier

With so many themed hotels all around the world, we couldn’t possibly include all of them on our list. What’s the best hotel for kids you’ve ever seen?

— Shelley Massey, Scott Wardell, & Christal Yuen