What happens when you mix crayon royalty and ice cream awesomeness? You get Crayola’s Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake! Yum. The Crayola Cake from Friendly’s is the perfect birthday treat for your little artist—or little cake lover.

This isn’t the first time that Crayola and Friendly’s have paired up to create colorful cake-y cool treats. Friendly’s Limited Edition Color Me Vanilla ice cream and Color Me Sundaes brought the two favorites together while they lasted. But like all limited edition goodies, we had to wave a fond farewell to both delicious desserts.

Friendly’s newest addition to the frozen Crayola lineup is perfect for mini Monets who are into making their own mark. Not only can you (or your pint-sized pastry chef) write your own message in red or blue icing, but the cake comes with rainbow confetti shapes and colorful sprinkles as accents.

So where can you get the cake? To start with, you need to find a nearby retailer that sells Friendly’s packaged products. Luckily, the Friendly’s website has a “Where To Buy” option. Just enter your city or zip code and what type of product you want to buy.


Oh, and while you’re at it you can try one of Friendly’s other frozen cakes—Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Chocolate Krunch, Oreo Ice Cream, Reese’s Ice Cream and Strawberry Krunch.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Friendly’s Ice Cream via YouTube



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