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Goodbye Slip n’ Slide: 13 Incredible Water Slides From Around the World

What goes weeeeee!, with twists and turns followed 20 minutes later by a big, fat kerplunk? Your kid on a super-duper crazy water slide, of course!  With our days now filled with longer sunshine, summer is almost here. You know what that means-the daunting task of planning family vacations will be in full swing. Since most of our summer vacations usually involve some sort of water play, we’ve rounded a list of jaw-dropping slides that will boost your excitement (and the kids’) in planning for the summer.

Liberty Lagoon Waterpark
Ever let your kids roll a penny down one of those huge funnels at museums or amusement parks where you watch it go round-and-round-and-round? How about a life-size funnel perfect for the human penny to mimic that same funnel action? Believe it or not, this water park has just those funnels for visiting park members!


Soak City Waterpark at Cedarpoint in Sandusky, Oh
Have your kids ever asked you where a penny would end up if they were drop it down the drain? You can show them these convoluting pipes that look impressive enough to be the replica of a city’s drainage system.


Zoombezi Bay, Powell, Oh
At first glance, this looks like a roller coaster and you might wondering what it’s doing on this list. If you look closer, you’ll realize that it’s actually a raft on an awesome slide!


Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark, McMinnville, Or
It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a slide! Where else in the world would you be able to slide down from an airplane!  Visitors will have get a kick out of the emergency drill sliding out the back emergency exit of this slippery slope.


Hersheypark, Hershey, Pa
At first glance, it looks like you’re at a huge state fair or carnival, but better…you’re at a water park with slides spewing out from all sidesl! This water slide steps up the party with endless entertainment and water play combined together.


Mount Olympus, Wisconsin Dells, Wi
Remember the days of slip and slides in the backyard? Put that memory on steroids and voilà, you’ve got yourself a crazy slide that is an endless amount of belly-down, head-first exhilaration.


Falls Indoor Waterpark
Crazy slides, but INDOORS! The whole family is protected from harmful UV rays, and the little ones are contained in a safe area.  But don’t worry, there’s still just as much of that crazy slide fun happening here.


Bonus: Crazy, zany slides from around the world!

Nagashima Resort, Japan
This Japanese resort is an oasis for water slide fanatics. It boasts 55 different types of slides covering over 70,000 square feet of land. The best part is, the water is completely natural as it is the salt water that is taken directly from Ise Bay!


Chime Long Waterpark, China
Boasting 1.9 million visitors in 2011, it is known to many as the biggest water park in all of Asia.  It is the place to be if you want to see the latest and greatest advancements in water slide technology and designs. If it exists, you’ll see it here.

chime long waterpark

Carribean Bay Samsung Everland, South Korea
It’s one of the first water parks to have a dueling AquaLoop, where visitors can slide side-by-side down a loop.  They also have a slide system that is big enough to be mistaken for a subway track from afar. Carribean Bay is also one of Asia’s biggest waterparks.


Atlantis The Palm
From the shores of Dubai, The Atlantis boasts itself as the biggest water adventure to hit Europe and the Middle East. Its impressive Ziggurat Tower plunges you down nine stories through a see-through tube that is surrounded by sharks! Don’t worry though, sliders are fully protected from the sharks behind the thick plastic!


Bali Waterpark, China
The impressively tall Rain Fortress slide brings Bali to China! Thrill-seekers can slide down roller coaster-like loops in rafts with a group of their best buddies to share in the experience.


Calypso Waterpark, Canada
Remember that human funnel we just talked about at the beginning of this article? This Canadian water park loved it so much, they have two side-by-side. Let ‘em roll!


Which of these water slides would your little water babies love most?

–Sommy Rhee

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