We all love pumpkin decor, but if you want your ‘kins to last longer (and let’s face it, save yourself a little extra labor when it comes to scraping out all those gooey seeds) then have a look through our gallery of no-carve ways to bling out your pumpkins. From simple painting to delightful decoupage, find your favorite and then get going.

Hilarious Hats & Mustaches

Start raiding your dress up bin, because Jane Can has a cool idea for Hat and Mustache Pumpkins that are ultra-cute and ultra-easy to make. Hit up Target for some stick-on mustaches and you're all set! Learn more here.

photo: Jane Can

What’s your favorite no-carve way to decorate a pumpkin? Share it with us in the comments below!


— Amber Guetebier & Abigail Matsumoto