We all love pumpkin decor, but if you want your ‘kins to last longer (and let’s face it, save yourself a little extra labor when it comes to scraping out all those gooey seeds) then have a look through our gallery of no-carve ways to bling out your pumpkins. From simple painting to delightful decoupage, find your favorite and then get going.

Say Hi to Cacti

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to feel prickly once you take a peek at these Cactus Pumpkins from Aww, Sam. They're perfect for those who are over the usual orange pumpkins and they're a creative addition to your stoop, too. Learn more here.

photo: Aww, Sam

What’s your favorite no-carve way to decorate a pumpkin? Share it with us in the comments below!


— Amber Guetebier & Abigail Matsumoto