Though eating your way through Galas and Honey Crisps is one (delicious) way to usher in apple season, we’ve rounded up 11 nifty projects for some inspired apple alternatives. From bird feeders and dried ornaments to artsy apple bowling, these activities are perfect for after school fun and beyond. An apple project a day keeps boredom away!

1. Dried Apple Ornament
You don’t have to be knee-deep in the holiday season to try a fun apple ornament craft. Dried apples and cinnamon make for a sweet-smelling home and you can even string a garland for a mantel decoration. Since it will take a few days for the slices to dry out, have the kids check on the progress and report. Get the how-to over at The Magic Onions.


Photo credit: The Magic Onions

2. Apple Sorting
We like how this apple sorting activity sneaks some critical thinking into your standard playtime. Got too many apples on your hand after a weekend of apple picking? Celebrate the apple bonanza by having your kiddo sort and graph different types and colors. Get the scoop at Teaching Mama.

Apple Sorting

Photo credit: Teaching Mama

3. Apple Bowling Art
Put a spin on the great game of bowling and add apples and art into the mix. This is a fun, messy activity (you’ve been warned) and a great opportunity to get your kids involved in sensory play. Click on over to Mess for Less for all the splattered details.


Photo credit: Mess for Less

4. Apple Taste-Testing
Help your youngster learn about different types of apples and channel her inner scientist with a fun apple taste-test. As you compare tastes, encourage her to think which is her favorite and how she might describe it. You can get more info on this tasty idea–plus a free Exploring Apples printable!–over at Gift of Curiosity.

tastetesting_Gift of Curiosity

Photo credit: Gift of Curiosity

5. Apple Construction
You’ve probably seen this idea using marshmallows but we like this healthy twist that makes apples the star of the project. Let your little tots tinker around and build amazing sculptures using cut up apples pieces. Bonus: if they eat their building materials, it’s a daily-fruits victory. Head to Fun at Home with Kids for more info.


Photo credit: Fun at Home with Kids

6. Apple Printing
There’s a reason why apple printing is a classic kid activity–it’s perfect for little ones who like to squish paint and mess around. We like how this artsy version includes hand-holds for little hands. Genius! Learn how to carve your own (and what to do with your apple prints) over at Toddler Approved!

apple print

Photo credit: Toddler Approved!

7. Learn About Cavities with Apples
Need a way to teach your kids why they should care for their pearly whites? Use an apple as a demo and observe how a hole poked in it turns brown and mushy. Click on over to Journey to Josie for more info and fun ideas for teaching oral hygiene.


Photo credit: Journey to Josie

8. Bob for Apple Slices
Sure, you’ve probably heard of (and tried) bobbing for apples–and it’s a great party game to keep in your pocket. But for the younger tykes, we’re fans of this idea for using apple slices instead. And if your kid isn’t crazy about sticking his head in a bucketful of water? Try using tongs for a grabby alternative. Let The Seasoned Mom tell you all about it.


Photo credit: The Seasoned Mom

9. Feed the Birds
Make some feathery friends with the help of a bird feeder that uses an apple as an edible dish. Be sure to hang it near a window so that that your little bird watchers can see who stops by. Thanks to Mothering with Mindfulness for the idea!


Photo credit: Mothering with Mindfulness

10. Johnny Appleseed Dress-Up
Why not combine story time with dress-up, and throw in a few good deeds as well? Grab a Johnny Appleseed book to read with your little one, then have him (or her!) dress up as Johnny and deliver some fresh apples to friends and neighbors. Head over to 2304 Miles for costume inspiration.


Photo credit: 2304 Miles

11. Erupting Apple Volcanoes
Thrill your little scientist with a sensory apple volcano experiment. By combining soap, baking soda, and a few other ingredients you can have your very own backyard eruption. The kids will love messing around with the foam and watching the fizzy reactions. Get the scoop at Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails.


Photo credit: Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Have you tried any creative apple projects? Share it with us in the comment section below. 

–Abigail Matsumoto


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