The Most Out-Of-This-World Pumpkin Carvings

While we’re sticking to a classic happy-face jack-o-lantern this year, there are professionals that go above and beyond to create crazy-cool artwork out of the humble pumpkin. We’ve found a few gems from around the web to inspire you to go outside the box, too (or keep it simple — we won’t judge!). From realistic-looking Pixar characters to famous superheroes, the creations you’ll see by clicking through our slideshow will make your jaw drop.

Happy LEGO Guy
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Happy LEGO Guy

LEGO lovers, unite! How cool is this little construction site? We love that the face is perfectly proportioned to match a little LEGO man. Photo courtesy of Kenny Louie via Flickr.

  1. Happy LEGO Guy
  2. Lovable Bulldog
  3. Cheshire Cat
  4. Dynamic Duo
  5. Edna Mode

Which of these amazing pumpkins is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

— Claire Schillings and Susie Foresman