Winter blues get the boot thanks to plenty of feel good family fun happening this weekend. Check out a stage show (there’s one about a friendship between a mouse and a poet and another about a classic princess), start your Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration early, or check out Artechouse’s latest trippy exhibition. Happy weekend!

Photo: adampaulclay via Pixabay 


Mouse in House
Adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, Mouse in House is about a friendship between a lively mouse and reclusive 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson. Moved by Emily’s evocative words, the mouse becomes determined to be a poet herself.  SatEvent Details.

The Enchanted Bookshop
During the day, A Likely Story looks like any other bookshop, but at night the characters inside the books come alive. Classic characters, including Dorothy Gale, Pollyanna, Heidi, Tom Sawyer and more, long to help Margie, the scatterbrained owner, save her struggling store. When a pair of smugglers come looking for a stolen necklace hidden inside one of the books, the characters must find a way to rescue the bookshop without being seen. Fri.-SunEvent Details.


Martin Luther King, Jr I Have a Dream
Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy through fun, educational activities at Port Discovery’s “I Have a Dream Weekend.” Experience African-American history and heritage through interactive programs and performances designed to educate, inspire and help children understand the impact Martin Luther King, Jr. made on America an d the world. Learn from the African American Quilters of Baltimore, take a step back in time during Living History performances featuring prominent African Americans and so much more! Educational activities are planned daily throughout the entire weekend. SatEvent Details.


Wake Up Brother Bear
Sister Bear and Brother Bear are back from hibernation to take your little ones (ages 0-5) on an interactive journey through the seasons. Meet a curious butterfly, play in a rushing waterfall, and catch lightning bugs as the bears frolic through the forest in this unforgettable live theatre experience. Reimagined for this 10th anniversary performance, this audience favorite is sure to delight and inspire. SatEvent Details.

Federal Center

Immersive Multimedia Exhibition: Everyth
Concepts of eternity and infinity are put on display at ARTECHOUSE’s newest exhibition – Everything in Existence. Offering new perspectives to observe and consider our reality, Everything in Existence draws audiences into something larger than what we already know. The “living” artworks, closely linking viewer interactions, sound, and visuals, present a striking vision of the world we live in and the ways we are connected to each other and the universe at large using interactivity, social networks and custom software. Fri.-SunEvent Details.

Easby Point

Matthew Bournes New Adventures: Cinderella
Following the dazzling adaptation of The Red Shoes in 2017, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures return with one of its most popular and beloved productions, Cinderella—a thrilling twist on the classic fairy tale. Fri.-SunEvent Details.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady