Super powers aren’t just for Captain America and Harry Potter. Need proof? These 11 D.C. moms may not be able to fly at the speed of light, but they soar in their own right–heading start-ups, running errands like a boss or mentoring the next generation of leaders (or all three). Click through to get to know them a little better while filling your inspiration allotment for the month.

Danielle Romanetti, Owner of Fibre Space

Known as a “yarn universe,” DMV locals flock to fibre space to shop for speciality yarns, hunt down the perfect pattern, and sit in on classes with crafting experts. If running a successful business wasn’t enough, Danielle Romanetti also wears another title: mom to daughter, Maddie. According to Danielle, Mattie spent the first 18 months of her life in a retail shop. Danielle was back at work a week after she was born. "I was lucky to be able to have her with me, but also felt guilty that I wasn’t spending every moment focused on her.," says Danielle. "I was 'that mom' at the park on my phone responding to customers and placing orders with vendors while she met new friends because we did not have childcare for so long. She’s now an outgoing and personable toddler. She’s also pretty darn good at entertaining herself, adds Danielle!

Quote her! "Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic ideals or standards. The balancing act of raising a child and a business or career is not one that everyone will do in the same way. There is no right way to do it."

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— Ayren Jackson-Cannady