Whether your child is a voracious reader, a skilled mathematician, or uses the kitchen as her own personal science lab, the world is at his or her fingertips.

No matter what their curiosities or interests are, your kids will fit right in at BASIS Independent School’s newest campus in Tysons Corner. The private school (Preschool-12), which opened in fall 2016, is now accepting applications for the fall 2018 school year. Here’s why it gets high marks:

  • There are campuses spanning Brooklyn to Silicon Valley, and each has captured the attention of discerning parents. With students who are outperforming U.S. and global peers in math, reading, and science, it’s not difficult to see why.
  • The tuition costs are almost half the tuition costs at other private schools.
  • The curriculum, rooted in liberal arts and sciences prepares students to succeed no matter where life takes them. In fact, its graduates have a track record of continuing on to top ranked colleges.
  • Passionate instructors are at the core, spreading enthusiasm and a love of learning. Their two-teacher model pairs a Subject Expert Teacher with a Learning Expert Teacher in every elementary school classroom. This means your kids gain knowledge from instructors who have real experience in the disciplines they teach.

On Tuesday, September 26, at 6:30 p.m., hear from school leadership for an inside look into the journey students take from their first day at the Symbiotic Classroom in the Early Learning Program to their Senior Project in grade 12. Register here.

It may be your smartest decision yet.

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