Next to the discomfort of childbirth (ouch!), plenty of soon-to-be-mamas worry about the pain of baby weight loss. A healthy birth goes hand in hand with a healthy bod, so get thee to the gym (even if it’s been years since you stepped into one). To make the process a little easier check out these local spots that do an amazing job at getting you healthy in the months leading up to the workout of labor! Bonus? You can do all of these classes post-baby as well to keep your workout streak going strong.

Baby on board: Lil Omm

Pleasance Silicki founded this homey-feeling studio to offer more than just yoga. Started with a focus on prenatal classes, the one-stop shop now offers a full range of fitness classes and levels. Keeping schedule in mind, Lil Omm offers prenatal classes six days a week. With lots of variety you will never get bored. And get this, half of the fitness instructors moonlight as doulas, so you’re getting some birthing training as well (snatch!). Insider note: Saturday classes are more relaxing and restorative, while Sunday is a fitness dance party!

Cost: Drop in, $20; Series of five classes, $90; Monthly membership, $125
4708 Wisconsin Ave., NW (Tenleytown)

Photo: Lil Omm Yoga via Flickr


Where do you go before or after baby is born to get your body into tip-top shape?

—Ayren Cannady and Sonya Gavankar