Your kiddo loves the library and treats the kitchen like her own personal science lab.

She’ll fit right in at BASIS Independent McLean, a PreK-12 private school in Tysons Corner.

The school, which opened in Fall 2016, is now accepting applications for PreK through 12th grade. Among the many reasons you should consider BASIS Independent McLean:

  • BASIS Independent believes creating a love for learning as early as possible for a child leads to future academic and lifelong success.
  • All elementary students experience the benefit of being taught by two specialists: the Learning Expert Teacher, who possesses a deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques; and the Subject Expert Teacher, who possesses a deep knowledge of the content being delivered to students.
  • The curriculum is deeply rooted in liberal arts and sciences and prepares students to succeed no matter where life takes them. In fact, its graduates have a track record of continuing on to top ranked colleges.

On May 24, join them for a special event to hear from the school’s co-founder, Dr. Michael Block as he gives an inside look into how BASIS Curriculum Schools consistently rank among the top ten best high schools in the country, and why the secret to their success begins with a strong foundation in students’ early years.

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It may be your smartest decision yet.

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