Spoke Contributor Network

Dedicated Email





  • 200 – 300 words of text promoting brand messaging
  • Ownership of all ad units in newsletter (two 728 x 90 units, one 300 x 600 unit, and one 300 x 100 unit in the mobile edition) clicking through to a custom URL of your choice
  • Ownership of all ad units surrounding the branded content on Red Tricycle’s website
  • Inclusion of a text free image in the newsletter
  • Published as Branded Content on Red Tricycle’s website.
  • Branded content will also be shared in the “more stories” section of our regular newsletters.
  • The content will be produced by Red Tricycle’s editorial team and written in a style and flavor that we know responds well with our readers.
  • For users that engage with the content, we will re-send the newsletter through our re-targeting program to ensure the maximum required exposure for action taking is received.