The thing about dads is their “say yes” attitude. Play shoulder chauffeur for your toddler at the crowded parade? Yes! Don a tiara and white gloves for an impromptu afternoon tea party? Why not! No wonder he’s just the best guy ever. Celebrate all the ways dad gives 110% to the whole fam with one of these simple (and stylish) handmade cards.

Dad’s Secret ‘Stache

Who knew a paper bag could moonlight as a totally adorable card and gift idea? Every dad has a favorite treat (think: cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes), so choose that and add it to this personalized gift bag. The brainchild of Marvelous Mommy, zip over and find out how to score Dad’s Secret 'Stashe!

photo: Marvelous Mommy


How will you say thank you to the big guy at home? Share with us in the comments! 

—Allison Sutcliffe & Aimee Della Bitta