Everyone knows Grandma and Grandpa are the best source for everything from cookies and hugs to love and praise—so it’s only right that they get a holiday devoted to them. National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13 and it’s a great opportunity to honor grandparents near and far with a homemade handprint card, an interview session about their lives, a personalized photo book, and more. Scroll through our picks for easy gifts you and the kids can whip up in a snap.


Survival Kit

Photo credit: Gifts U Can Make

1. Survival Kit for Grandmothers
It’s a tough job, being a source of unconditional love, but somebody’s gotta do it. For the grandma who goes with the flow and gets the job done with a bit of humor, here’s a fun Survival Kit from Gifts U Can Make. Feel free to switch things up and make this kit for the grandpa in your life or add a few more survival ingredients–perhaps their favorite candy or a CD of their fave tunes?

Accordian Collage

Photo credit: eighteen25

2. Accordion Memory Book
Heads up, Instagram fans! This craft is a great way to share and display those Instagram snaps that you’ve been racking up. Plus, photos of the grandkids are always a hit with Grandma and Grandpa. You can get the how-to and a free download of the goofy grandkids print over at eighteen25.

carddeck grandparents

Photo credit: Miranda W via Cut out + Keep

3. 52 Reasons I Love Grandpa
This is an extra-appropriate gift if Grandpa loves a game of Bridge or poker. If you’ve got a spare deck of cards then you’ve got a cute and easy way to show him all the reasons he’s the best. Brainstorm with the kids and then have them write out their love in their own sweet handwriting. Thanks to Miranda W for the inspiration.



Photo credit: i heart crafty things

4. Grandparent Awards
Because Grandma and Grandpa are undoubtedly the best, why not award them with their very own gold medal? This craft from i heart crafty things is easy for the kids to put together and personalize–don’t forget to add a loving message to the back. Send them off as surprise mail or, if the grandparents are nearby, hold your own awards ceremony with a kid MC.

Grandpa card

Photo credit: Events to Celebrate

5. Grandpa Card
For the grandpa who loves doting on the kids, this card sends just the right loving message. Plus, it includes the oh-so-cute handprint element, so grandpa knows just how big those little hands are getting. Thanks to Events to Celebrate for the idea!


Photo credit: Strawberry Mommycakes

6. Easy Grandma Book
If scrapbooking is decidedly not your thing, this free printable from Strawberry Mommycakes is just the adorable solution. It has 12 pages that keep Grandma updated on all the big and little moments in your kid’s life. (Psst! The kids will love contributing to the drawing and handprint pages.)

grandparent photo

Photo credit: Parenting the A Team

7. Show Your Love Photo
This idea from Parenting the A Team is especially nice for grandparents who live far away and it’s as easy as a photo snap. You can email your photo, frame it and wrap it, or add a special twist–make it a tradition each year to see how your kids (and their love for Grandma and Grandpa) grow.

pill box 2

Photo credit: The Dating Divas

8. Pill Box of Fun
Surprise Grandma or Grandpa with a twist on the ol’ pill box. Instead of a daily dose of vitamins or medicine, stock the seven days slots with candy, love notes, and more. You can get the box on the cheap and encourage the kids to make a note or drawing tailored to each day of the week, starting with Sunday–Grandparents Day. Thanks to The Dating Divas for the inspiration!

grandma portrait

Photo credit: School Day Love

9. Grandma Portrait
How about an original work of art for Grandma? This idea from School Day Love is the perfect creative expression of love. For bonus points, practice your kiddo’s understanding of adjectives and include descriptive words for why Grandma rocks. Just raid your craft drawer for all the ingredients and let your little artist get to work.


Photo credit: Mama. Papa. Bubba

10. I Love Grandma Because…
Forget She Loves Me/She Loves Me Not. With this card from Mama. Papa. Bubba. there’s only love to go around. It’s an easy way for kiddos to tell Grandma why they love her and it’s an easy way to mail some sweet tidings. Bonus: make the same card again in the coming years and see how the answers change.


Photo credit: Somewhat Simple

11. Basket of Love
Two words: Gift Basket! This idea for a personalized gift basket for Grandpa is brilliant in its simplicity. Get the kids to think of 3-4 things they love about Grandpa and then collect items to go along with each answer. Get the how-to and more at Somewhat Simple.

interview grandparent

Photo credit: The House of Hendrix

12. Grandparent Interview
Snag this free printable from The House of Hendrix and get set for quality time with the grandparents and chance to record their life. For extra memories, bust out your iPhone and hit record so you keep the grandparent-grandkid interaction forever. Do Grandma and Grandpa live far away? We’d bet they’d love getting mail. Just send the interview questions along with a kid-crafted card.

What will you give the grandparents on Grandparents Day? Share it with us in the comment section below!

 Abigail Matsumoto