Homemade gifts are usually thought of in extremes. They’re either unbelievably fantastic or a total flop. If you’re going the DIY route with your holiday gift offerings this year, we’re here to make certain that every one of your recipients is completely charmed by your thoughtful handiwork. These 12 DIY holiday gift ideas are all super easy to create, yet they’ll make a big impact. Your kids can even be commissioned to help you put these presents together, and you can incorporate their hobbies or talents into the crafting — making it an extra special offering marked with their own unique flair. Click through the photo gallery to take a look at our choice DIY gifts.

Punk Rock Cookie Jar Mixes

Making this delicious and delightful gift from Post Punk Kitchen is as easy as funneling the ingredients for a batch of homemade cookies into a glass jar. This present would be especially personal and enticing if you have an amazing cookie recipe that a far away friend or family member loves. Send them your magic ingredients in a jar and they can fill their home with the happy fragrance of fresh baked cookies before sinking their teeth into a favorite cookie you both made together, even while being far apart!

What’s your favorite homemade gift idea? Have you ever received a totally awesome homemade gift? 

— Beth Shea and Abigail Matsumoto

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