Just like children, no two dreams are exactly alike. If you want to help your little dreamers make their wishes come to life, try this shooting star craft perfect for writing their little life goals down where they can gaze upon them. Read on for the how-to.


What You’ll Need

Construction paper

Cardboard star for tracing (if needed)

Tissue paper strips (cut these beforehand)


Crayons, pencils or markers

Glue or tape

Step 1: Trace and cut out a star

Let your little ones draw or trace their own star onto a piece of construction paper. Then, have them cut along the lines to make their star. Parents: Try to let your kids do this on their own — tracing and cutting is a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and strengthen the muscles of their hands (a precursor to good handwriting).



Step 2: Write it down

Let your kids write their goals and dreams (and decorate, if they want) onto their star.


Step 3: Give your star some streaks 

Glue or tape several tissue paper strips onto the front to create the “shooting” part of the shooting star. Wait several minutes to let the glue dry completely before continuing to the next step.


Step 4: Fold and fly!

Fold your star in half; then fold the two sides in the middle to create a paper airplane shape. Your shooting star is ready to fly!


Optional Step: If your kids would rather hang their stars on the wall than launch them into the sky, let them skip the folding and simply glue their shooting stars onto pieces of black construction paper.  


Did you try this project? What are your kids’ dreams? Let us know in the comments section below! 

— all photos and copy by Melissa Heckscher

Thanks to Makes & Takes for the original inspiration!