This holiday season, we dare you to skip the canned cranberry sauce. It may be a childhood favorite, but once you’ve made it from scratch, you’ll never look back. Using real cranberries lets you adjust the sweetness levels yourself, and you can spice it up with new and interesting flavors. Plus it’s not just for turkey—use the leftovers in everything from yogurt to waffles to smoothies. Click through the slideshow below for recipe inspiration.

Simple Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce

Keep it simple with this easy recipe from Eat Within Your Means. It’s sweetened with apple cider and maple syrup instead of sugar, and makes a perfect alternative to the canned stuff. To get the recipe, click here.

photo: Eat Within Your Means


What’s your favorite recipe involving cranberries? Share it with our community in the comments below. 

— Susie Foresman