Forget hitting up the pet store for a cute outfit that your furry family member will rock. We’ve found easy DIY costumes that your pet can style anytime of the week. In fact, they are so amazingly simple even your kiddos can help make them! Scroll down for 3 easy pet costumes that’ll bring infinite aw into your day.

cat ballerina - via Maggie Not Margaret flickr

photo: Maggie Not Margaret via flickr

Easy Ballerina. You’ll be surprised how easy your toddler’s old clothes fit on your pet. This easy “no frills” costume involves stretching out the elastic band of that old tutu and fitting it around your squirmy family member. Get your little one involved by letting them choose which outfit they want to pass on. Pst – Does your pet have a waddle to their walk? Don’t forget to take a video of them in their new outfit!

dog martini - via petful flickr


Cone-tini. Is your furry buddy rocking the cone of shame? Turn those puppy eyes around by adding a ‘tini embellishment. While this “Rocketini” by utilized foam balls and ribbons, we’re sure you can easily DIY a paper version (let your crafter cut out green circles and tape them on a stick or ruler) for your furry friend.

kissbooth - via Ray Pennisi flickr

photo: Ray Pennisi via flickr

Kissing Booth. Cardboard boxes aren’t just for kids. They’re perfect for your furry and fluffy friends who prefer not to wear anything. Let your little ones decorate the outside of cardboard box into anything they want it to be (spaceship, castle, airplane, etc.). Our favorite though is the kissing booth. You’re guaranteed to get a sloppy wet one!

What are some other ways you can dress up your pets? Let us know in the comments below!